Jenn-Air dishwashers with a built-in water softener

Designed to align perfectly with a range of cabinets, including frameless styles, the latest Jenn-Air dishwashers offer powerful yet quiet performance with a host of thoughtful features, including a built-in water softener.

In addition to beautifully blending into their surroundings, these luxury Jenn-Air dishwashers are nearly silent when running and clean everything from wine glasses and utensils, to tall vases and large serving platters.
A new built-in water softener enhances cleaning performance by reducing spots and water marks on dishes and glasses. The softened water also offers the additional benefit of protecting the dishwasher from limescale. To further improve cleaning results, the new dishwasher models include a detergent tab tray that uses a dedicated jet spray to help thoroughly dissolve and disperse detergent. An extra tall item sprinkler head cleans extra tall items like serving platters, cookie sheets, hood filters and refrigerator shelves. See Jenn-Air Obsidian refrigerators.
For added convenience, a removable 3rd level rack holds difficult to place items, from spatulas and whisks to ladles. Ball bearings are precision mounted in each of the upper rack UltraGlide rails for easy and smooth operation. Stylish rack handles with stainless steel accents are designed for easy grasping.
To avoid unintentional interruption of cycles during use, a cycle status light casts an informational LED light beam on kitchen floor to indicate that the nearly silent dishwasher is still running.
At the heart of the new dishwashers is the Jenn-Air Trifecta Wash System, which combines alternating wash action, 3-stage filtration, a variable speed motor and pressurized wash arms for powerful, quiet and energy efficient washing. The versatile Sensor Wash cycle calibrates the dishwasher to use the optimal wash cycle to clean dishes based on load size and soil level.
All dishwashers are Energy Star qualified with 13 place settings and feature WaterLock Plus Flood Protection Technology. Style choices include a custom overlay option or stainless steel with a Pro Style handle featuring a diamond etched grip or the slightly curved Euro Style handle design. Jenn Air.

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