Servis super quiet dishwasher

The repetitive whirr coming from the kitchen could be a thing of the past with Servis Quiet Mark dishwasher. Using whisper-quiet technology and working at just 39dB, quieter than a fridge humming, the award-winning Servis dishwasher runs at an optimum performance level without the distracting clang and clunk during the cycle. For those with an open plan kitchen, a super quiet dishwasher can make a dramatic difference when there isn’t the option of closing the door to shut out the noise and if dishes need a once over whilst entertaining, you can rest assured there won’t be any interruptions.

Available in white or stainless steel, the dishwasher has a sleek and stylish design to complement the clever technology and innovative internal features. With a fully adaptable interior to suit your needs and a 15 place setting capacity, the quiet dishwasher has 3 customizable racks. The shelves can be folded away or removed with the multirack construction to allow more space for those dirty dishes.
Remove parts of the upper shelf to give space to larger pots and pans or use the one-touch height adjustment feature to rearrange the middle tray to fit that last chopping board in. The innovative pull-out third rack gives space for cutlery or small cups, but for extra space it can be removed and used as a drainer. All trays are illuminated by the in-machine light making stacking as straightforward as possible.
Convenience is often a top priority when it comes to cleaning dishes and the Servis super quiet dishwasher offers just that. The touch screen button LCD display controls the settings and the delayed timer ensures it works around the daily routine. To help you save time, energy and money, the quiet dishwasher delivers an efficient performance from a choice of 7 washing programs.
Duo Wash is a new hydraulic system that allows split-level washing for highest efficiency offering the flexibility for a delicate wash on the top shelf for glassware and delicate crockery, alongside an intense wash on the bottom for all those dirty pans.
With a fast and effective wash on all programs, the super quiet dishwasher features a 30 minute Quick Wash, a Half-Load wash, the Super 50 program – a 60 degree wash in 50 minutes. To optimize energy efficiency the Smart Wash and Eco Wash options use a sensor to determine the content of the dishwasher and adjusts the water usage accordingly. For a deep clean the Extra Hygiene setting ensures 99.99% of bacteria are destroyed.
With a 2-year guarantee and an ‘A+++’ energy rating, the Servis dishwasher is priced at £400 for the white model and £430 for the stainless steel model.

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