Jenn-Air Trifecta dishwashers

The new Trifecta dishwashers from Jenn-Air, part of an all-new collection of luxury appliances that includes advanced wall ovens, cooktops, refrigerators and ventilation systems, not only promise exceptional cleaning performance, quiet operation, and reduced water and energy use, but a number of added features designed with entertaining in mind. Jenn-Air equipped Trifecta dishwashers with the new washing cycles including,
– One Hour Wash option that allows for the quick cleaning of dishes
– Plate Warmer cycle that ensure hot plates to help keep food warm
– China/Crystal cycle for a lower pressure gentle wash spray
– SteamClean option for stemware
– Top Rack Only option on select models to concentrate cleaning power

Beyond its Normal Wash and Heavy Wash cycles, the Jenn Air Trifecta dishwashers feature a Sensor Wash option that gauges load size and food particle levels, adjusting wash cycles accordingly. While all cycles utilize a ClearScan Turbidity Sensor to determine particle levels to manage energy and water use, the Sensor Wash cycle uses both the ClearScan Turbidity Sensor and a temperature sensor to determine load size for a customized level of cleaning performance on every load.
Other Trifecta features include a stainless steel tall tub, dual wash zones that concentrate cleaning power by alternating washing action between top and bottom racks, and a variable speed motor that adjusts to save energy and reduce noise. For more effective cleaning with less water use, the Trifecta dishwasher utilizes pressure enhancing wash arms with narrow spray jets that concentrate water flow to accelerate the water force. A dual wattage heating element offers the choice of high-performance fast drying when needed, and also provides the necessary power to heat water to the required temperature for a Sanitize option. It operates at sound levels ranging from 48 to 42 dBA, less than half the perceived level of casual conversation.
A specially designed three-stage filtration system features a filter plate, a coarse filter cup filter and a micro fine filter created to optimize water flow and minimize food particles that can be left inside the filter or redeposited on dishes. Rather than utilizing a screened bottom, the thoughtfully designed filter cup is bottomless and sealed directly to the dishwasher drain, allowing particles that are captured in the cup to be washed out of the system. The innovative filter design also makes it easier to maintain, with fewer manual cleanings required.
Designed to maximize loading flexibility, the Jenn Air dishwashers feature an adjustable upper rack that is easily removed to accommodate very tall items from lobster pots to long vases. Other conveniences include cup shelves with integrated stemware holders, a lower rack with a Split & Fit silverware basket that can be split and placed to fit around the dishwasher load, light item clips for small, lightweight items, and onyx black racks with fold down tines and shelves.
Style choices for the new Jenn Air Trifecta dishwashers include the commercial look of Pro-Style in stainless steel and the sleek, refined Euro-Style options available in Oiled Bronze, black and white Floating Glass and stainless steel. Seen in stores from $1,300 USD.

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