Swiss appliances – Adora dishwasher by V-ZUG

V-ZUG offers some of the top Swiss made appliances. The sleek, ‘AAA’ rated Adora SL is the integrated top-performing dishwasher with every feature you could wish for. Spot-free glasses and sparkling clean dishes will be the norm after the thorough and efficient dish washing. Adora SL is built to last and perform with design and technological expertise in you’d expect from Swiss appliances, and with every detail being a testament to Swiss craftsmanship. The dishwasher has 12 place settings, a 4-position adjustable height rack, integrated glass supports, the fastest wash programs among European brands, and a super quiet cleaning system with multi-component sound insulation, resulting in only 44 dB of noise level. The 9 washing programs include Automatic, 19 minute Sprint, Hygiene, Fondue/Raclette, Intensive, Eco, Glass, Pre Rinse, Normal/Standard.
This very economical dishwasher uses only 12 litres of water with the Normal/Standard program, which is rather astounding if you think that back in 1983, dishwashers used as much as 48 litres. The very Swiss Fondue/Raclette program includes the active soaking phase, and doubles as a super intensive program – ideal for hard to clean dishes with baked-on cheese. Your dishes will come out spotlessly clean without having to soak them beforehand. ZUG Hygiene program thoroughly cleans items where hygiene requirements are particularly high, like cutting boards, baby bottles and pacifiers. The Automatic program senses what your dishes need, saving up to 30% on water, electricity and regeneration salt. The duration of the program is controlled automatically and lasts between 50 and 85 minutes. Other key features include
– variable cutlery basket
– integrated glass supports
– top and bottom racks with fold-down tines
– easy prong extensions
– 3 active spray levels
– automatic rinse agent
– active drying system
– 3-in-1 detergent option for all programmes
– childproof lock
– plain text display

V-ZUG also equipped Adora SL with 4 sensors, guaranteeing unsurpassed gentle care, sparkling cleanliness and brilliant shine
– the limescale sensor automatically balances out fluctuations in water hardness, preventing limescale deposits on your dishes
– the water hardness control softens the dishwater to the ideal hardness during the different phases, increasing the effectiveness of the detergent and guaranteeing optimum care of your glasses and dishes
– the pulse-controlled rinse agent sensor ensures that only as much rinse is released as is necessary depending on the water hardness and the dishwasher load, eliminating the need to make manual adjustments
– the soil sensor constantly measures the level of soiling in the water and automatically adjusts the water, energy and time required during the washing process
The Swiss made Adora SL comes in black, white or chrome to fit your kitchen decor. Seen in stores for around £1,250. V-ZUG.

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