Modern dishwasher from De Dietrich – new freestanding drawer dishwasher

De Dietrich DQC840B is black freestanding drawer dishwasher intended for the most selective buyer. This modern dishwasher is triple ‘A’ rated, comes with De Dietrich intuitive Intelligent Control System (ICS) technology, and offers 12 place settings. Beyond its single door, there are 2 separate internal drawers, delivering 4 separate wash options:
– two zone simultaneous wash program using the same option for a full load in both upper and lower drawers
– using the lower drawer only to wash bulkier dishes and pans while saving water and energy by using up to 9 litres of water per wash
– using the upper drawer only, for a mixed load while saving water and energy by using up to 9 litres of water per wash
– using two drawers simultaneously to wash separate items using separate programs
The top drawer 15 minute Cocktail Wash is excellent choice for glasses and fine china. The upper and lower washing zones are identical, and fit 12 long glasses, 25cm diameter plates, dishes and pans. This modern dishwasher is also equipped with 2 multi purpose cutlery baskets, for use in one or both drawers. There are 7 programs with 7 temperatures for each drawer, including the ICS program. Sensors inside the cavity assess how dirty the dishes are and automatically adjust to the optimal program using the least water and electricity while delivering the best cleaning and drying results. Among other programs are a 30 minute Quick Wash and an ECO 55°C for the least water and electricity usage.

The touch control panel at the top of the door features an LCD display, enabling you to view active programs, the time, progress indicators and a delayed start option. The De Dietrich ‘Silence Inside’ logo signifies that the dishwasher offers super quiet performance at just 44 dB. It also has a multi purpose tablet option for any wash program, with the detergent dispenser situated directly beneath one of the 4 water outlets in the upper drawer to ensure even distribution and adaptable dosage. There are 6 spraying levels and 4 filter levels so dishes and pans are always perfectly washed and rinsed during any cycle.
A turbo ventilator allows for faster drying and the dishwasher also incorporates the De Dietrich exclusive patented Eolyse catalyser, pumping 100% fresh air into the dishwasher every 15 minutes to remove stale odors until the door is eventually opened and the contents are removed. Safety features include anti-overflow, anti-leak, anti-pipe burst and an electrical water intake cut off. Price for this modern dishwasher from De Dietrich is £950.

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