Built-in dishwasher range by Gorenje

New built-in dishwasher range from Gorenje offers several modern models that should meet demands of virtually every consumer. These built-in dishwashers offer larger capacity, height adjustable upper baskets, up to 10 washing programs and new hygiene function for allergy sufferers – all with less energy consumption and significantly less noise. Certain models have integrated intelligent sensor, capable of detecting the quantity of dishes and how dirty they are, selecting the best suited washing program for perfect cleaning results. Start Delay setting for up to 19 hours allows you to set the most convenient time to do dishes. New built-in dishwasher line also uses innovative spraying technique, resulting in a 20% reduction of water consumption and improved results. While built-in dishwasher washes dishes in the upper basket, dishes in the lower basket getting detergent with no rinsing for about a minute, then the processes are alternated. Gorenje also improved drying process, with heat from the last rinse used for an extra drying. The heat is activated 3 times for 30 seconds at a time, leaving dishes dry and spotless. And to protect your precious dishes from temperature shocks, Gorenje incorporated a special heat exchanger which gradually increases the water temperature, preventing cold water from flowing over hot surfaces.

Special Klick-Klack system lets you lift the upper basket higher, making more room underneath in order to accommodate the large plates and dishes. You can even clean large bowls, as some parts of the upper and lower baskets can be folded to make more room. Virtually all built-in dishwashers have salt and detergent indicators, alerting you if a dishwasher is running low on salt or detergent. A very convenient feature is a built-in door brake. You can now leave the door open in any position, and it will stay there. Every built-in dishwasher comes with interior entirely made of high quality stainless steel, ensuring lasting performance and hygienic cleaning. Availability and prices vary from one country to the other. Gorenje.

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