Miele coffee maker CVA 2662

The CVA 2662 is the latest Miele coffee maker for the U.S. market. Finished in scratch resistant, anti fingerprint stainless steel with concealed handle, this coffee machine offers sleek built-in design and perfectly blends with Miele built-in ovens, steamers and drawers. It uses Nespresso capsule coffee system with 20 individual capsules sitting in 5 individual chambers of the removable capsule carousel. As the result, you can enjoy all 5 different blends with the push of a button. And large used capsule container can hold up to 25 capsules.
The Miele navitronic control panel of is state-of-the-art yet simple to use, menu driven interface which engages the coffee maker via touch screen controls, enabling you to adjust settings to your liking and brew your favorite blend of coffee. Machine can take 4 custom profiles in order to accommodate different preferences and serving sizes of family members. 4 programmable cup sizes include espresso, double espresso, coffee and double coffee.

For cappuccino lovers, Miele designed a unique cappuccinatore jug for frothing milk, which can either deliver froth straight into the cup or keep it in the cup for you to pour later. Other main features of the CVA 2662 Miele coffee maker are automatic rinse and cleaning programs, 1.5 liter water reservoir, water hardness setting, LED light in work area, dispensing spout, safety lock, 15 language LCD display, stand-by function, delay start, stop function and fault diagnosis. Price for this Miele coffee machine is approximately $2,400. Previously, CVA 4085 and CVA 5000 coffee systems.

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