Miele wine refrigerator – fully integrated wine storage

The fully integrated Miele wine refrigerator has three unique cooling zones with independent controls permitting you to store or temper champagne, white and red wines at their ideal conditions within 40°F to 64°F range. The environment is maintained by Miele MasterCool controls that protect wine bottles from any temperature changes, controlling it precisely for long-term wine storage. To protect your collection further, Miele equipped this wine refrigerator with the proprietary RemoteVision system that uses wireless local area network technology and unique application software developed by Miele for its Independence Series, enabling the cabinet to connect to Miele monitoring center. If there is a significant change in temperature or other conditions, the center notifies you for further action.
The humidity levels are controlled with the help of dynamic cooling system ensuring that corks are kept moist to effectively seal the bottles. The fully integrated wine storage refrigerator guarantees an even circulation of air and constant humidity so your wines always give a perfect bouquet for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Specially designed LED illumination system of this Miele wine refrigerator doesn’t affect the interior temperature but adds a touch of romance, allowing you to tastefully display your treasured collection. When you open the door to select the desired bottle, the dramatic ClearView halogen lights give you the perfect view of everything inside the wine storage cabinet.
The refrigerator has 14 shelves crafted of high-quality acacia wood. Two shelves are fixed in place to separate the cooling zones, while the others are FullView, extendable shelves that make viewing and accessing your collection very easy. You can buy this Miele wine refrigerator for approximately $6,500. See also Liebherr wine refrigerator.

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