Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder

Stylish and high performance, Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder features Liechtenstein made, 4cm commercial quality conical burrs. Powerful, high torque and highly efficient .5 kW DC motor rotates the burrs at 450 rpm – quite slower than most other grinder motors, keeping the heat in the beans to the minimum, thus preserving the coffee flavour.

The Virtuoso features its second generation gearbox with grind range from 200 to 1,170 microns. You have 40 distinct macro grind settings, each with 11 10-micron micro options, allowing you to get everything from finest Espresso to coarse French Press. Its portaholder, which you have to buy separately, enables you to grind directly into the portafilter basket. Baratza Virtuoso will keep coffee quality for a very long time, since the burrs have a precision mounting system, ensuring a stable platform for accurate grinding. And to help you get consistent results, this coffee grinder comes with a pulse button and 60 second timer with segmented graphics for exact measurement every time.
The heavy build of the Virtuoso ensures excellent stability while minimizing vibration and noise. Cleaning the coffee grinder is quite easy, thanks to an enhanced anti-static design that minimizes messy coffee dust and easily removable burrs. Seen in stores for $230 to $300. Baratza.

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