Espresso grinder – new Elektra NINO

The new Elektra NINO is an instant dosing espresso grinder which design and functionality are based on 60 years of innovative research and patents. Developed by the company founder, Florindo Fregnan, the NINO is the high-end grinder, capable of achieving the best quality ground coffee among instant grinding systems for espresso machines. Thanks to its exclusive conical mills, precise micrometric adjustment of the grain size and perfect grinding control, you always get consistent particle size and texture. Air-cooled low revolution motor makes only 500 RPM and neither overheats nor transmits heat to the grinder body. This innovative appliance is also equipped with a patented coffee tamper, installed on the dosing grinder which provides a flat surface for the best tamping of the ground coffee. The tamper can be positioned on either side.
An electronic display shows the number of single or double doses ground by the machine, which are dispensed automatically by pressing the 2 selection buttons. Both the type of dose and grinding time are programmable. The result of NINO work is the perfect cup of coffee with an intense aroma and no aftertaste of burnt coffee. Price for this Elektra espresso grinder is £1,400.

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