Mazzer Robur – automatic coffee grinder-doser with conical grinding blades

The Mazzer Robur is the largest and baddest espresso grinder on the market, and the one you really must see in action to truly appreciate the power and performance of the top notch automatic coffee grinder-doser with conical grinding blades. And you know what? After you observe this commercial style grinder making some fine coffee dust, you will really want one. The Mazzer Robur features stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment mechanism and automatic grinding cycle which starts every 12 doses and stops when the ground coffee doser is full. Robust 900 Watt motor spinning at 420 RPM, combined with the huge 71 mm (2.75″) diameter conical burr, makes this grinder the perfect choice for your home, office or even high production espresso bar. This automatic coffee grinder will turn the heat even higher – with the maximum velocity of 500 RPM and 83 mm (2.25″) diameter conical burr, it will take your coffee grinding experience to the heights where no coffee grinder has ventured before. Available in five colors which sound very Italian – alluminio, nero, rosso, chiaro, rosso scuro and grigio medio, the Mazzer Robur with conical grinding blades is the ultimate automatic stepless espresso coffee grinder-doser. The price is around $2,300 USD.


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