Graef coffee grinder

If you like your coffee freshly ground each and every time, Graef coffee grinders will do the job quickly and flawlessly, delivering the best aroma. Since coffee loses its quality very quickly, your grinder should go to work just before you are about to prepare it. And to meet specific taste of each individual, the Graef coffee grinder comes with the 24-stage adjustable grind setting.

The top of the line Graef CM90EU features stainless steel conical grinder which does not overheat so coffee aroma is fully preserved. It also has aluminum housing, auto-function for group handle, electronic shot timer for 1 or 2 cups, variable programming, On/Off switch, cable rewind and removable base plate. Price is € 200. The other two Graef coffee grinders, CM81EU and CM80EU are priced for € 170 and € 150 respectively.

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