New Hybrid Fire grills from Kalamazoo

A sleek, beautiful exterior is the most noticeable feature to the only grills that can cook with wood, charcoal and gas. Under the hood, newly designed burners deliver pinpoint power and even heat. Wide design flexibility is offered as Kalamazoo offers 4 sizes of Hybrid Fire Grills, with more than 12 model variations to fulfill any outdoor cooking aspiration. The beauty of these new grills is brought to life at night with ambient amber lighting in the control panels.

Hybrid Fire Grilling System drawers, located above the gas burners and below the cooking surface, make it possible for these powerful grills to use any combination of gas, wood or charcoal. Simply leave the drawers empty to use a Kalamazoo as a gas grill. Or, load the patented drawers with wood or charcoal and use the burners to start the fire. Once lit, turn off the burners to enjoy the pure, dry heat of a charcoal fire or the flavorful smoke of a wood fire.
Custom cast brass H-burners deliver superior power and control. Gas cooking temperatures range from 250°F for low and slow cooking to 800°F, making the entire cooking surface a searing zone and eliminating the need for dedicated searing burners. The grills burner configuration offers bigger, more linear control zones, giving the outdoor cook the ability to tailor the heat to a specific section. When using charcoal or wood fuels, cooking temperatures range from a low of 150°F to a high of 1,200°F.
The grills also feature a one-of-a-kind ignition system that pairs a dedicated ignition burner with electronic hot surface ignition. This new approach creates the most reliable ignition system. Additionally, the ignition burner can be used alone for low-temperature smoking and barbecue. The following built-in or free standing options are available,
– K500 – 2 burners, 506 in² of primary cooking surface, 50,000 BTUs
– K750 – 3 burners, 726 in² of primary cooking surface, 75,000 BTUs
– K1000 – 4 burners, 1,012 in² of primary cooking surface, 100,000 BTUs
– K1500 – 6 burners, 1,452 in² of primary cooking surface, 150,000 BTUs
Also note that the above BTUs are for main burners only, without rotisserie burner, side burner and ignition burner BTUs. The new Hybrid Fire grills are fabricated by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan from heavy-gauge stainless steel, built to endure the harshest weather conditions and will be available in June. Prices start at $9,990. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Previously, Kalamazoo outdoor dishwasher.

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