Retro espresso machine – Elektra Nivola

Designed in hand-crafted cast aluminium and non-corrosive stainless steel for good looks, ease of use and to produce an excellent quality coffee, the Elektra Nivola retro espresso machine brings a touch of nostalgia with the bright gleam of metal and streamlined forms right into your kitchen. The retro looking espresso machine comes with few fault-proof technological tricks, aimed on preventing a careless owner from accidental damaging the machine and himself. Nivola espresso machine automatically monitors water temperature and steam pressure, only allowing operations when conditions are optimal. The safety features include a low water level warning and auto-stop when out of water. Just one retro styled ergonomic aluminium knob controls all coffee and cappuccino functions of this espresso machine. Available in two retro finishes – Racing Red and Polished aluminum with a plexi-glass cup-covering dome, Elektra Nivola features dual controls for steaming and coffee preparation, brass filter holder with authentic Bakelite grip, professional style heated stainless steel cup storage plate, removable stainless steel non-corrosive drip plate, removable water tank, brass boiler unit and powerful steam wand. This retro espresso machine comes in two versions – the Classic designed, for use with ground espresso coffee and the simplified Pod model. The price is $1,000 USD. Previously, Elektra Mini Verticale coffee machines.

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