Ponte Vecchio lever espresso coffee machines

Named after the Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge, an ancient bridge over the Arno River in Florence, believed to have been first built in Roman times, the Ponte Vecchio, S.r.I is an innovative company in the north of Italy, which has produced lever espresso coffee machines since the beginning of 1999. This dynamic company was set by several entrepreneurs who know exactly what to do when it comes to lever espresso machines. Simple and elegant design, top quality components made entirely of brass and stainless steel, easy installation and operation, and superb Italian craftsmanship result in truly professional grade lever machines.
The smaller Ponte Vecchio lever coffee machine is the Export Chrome espresso machine featuring automatic operation controlled by pressure switch, visual control of water level, boiler safety valve, steam tap, removable cup heater and cast aluminium drip-tray base. Delivery unit and filter-holder made from a chromium-plated brass casting. This slim and elegant machine comes with 1 liter water tank, weights just 8 kg or 17.5 lbs and measures only H39 x W16 x D28 cm so it doesn’t take much space and quite light to move around. Available in chrome, tobacco, white, black and red to match with any kitchen colors. Buy Ponte Vecchio Export Chrome lever espresso machine for $700.

The large Ponte Vecchio lever coffee espresso machine, the Lusso comes with 3 liter water tank and is available with one or two levers, and is made from stove-enamelled steel plate and stainless steel panels. The delivery unit and filter holder are made from a chromium-plated brass casting. Preheated by forced circulation of hot water from boiler, delivery unit is always ready for use at optimum operating temperature. Other features are automatic operation controlled by pressure switch, pressure gauge, water level visual control, control lamp, pilot switch and stainless steel removable cup heater and drip-tray. The weight is 12 kg or 26.5 lbs and overall dimensions are H28 x W36 x D28 cm. Available in chrome, tobacco, white, black and red with the prices starting from $900 for one-lever espresso machine in black, to $1,300 USD for two-lever in chrome. Ponte Vecchio.

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