Benvenuto coffee machines by Bosch – bringing the Italian cafe into your home

There is nothing like a fresh-brewed cup of coffee to start the day, and the ability to have one at the touch of a button would make it even more satisfying. Benvenuto coffee machines by Bosch can bring the Italian café into your home to provide a fresh and delicious cup of coffee every morning – all within seconds. Not only do Benvenuto coffee machines grind the beans and brew within mere seconds, they also feature the AROMASWIRL high pressure brewing system that utilizes the ideal water temperature to produce maximum possible extraction of flavor from the fresh grounds. But Bosch didn’t stop with coffee. Rather, they have created a frothing attachment perfect for cappuccino and an instant hot water feature sure to please tea and hot chocolate drinkers. As a visible component of your kitchen’s décor, Bosch has designed this machine to have a streamlined look that will fit into any scheme. Of course this machine could only get better if it had the ability to clean itself. Wish granted, as the Benvenuto coffee machine automatically cleans itself when needed. This freestanding appliance is convenient and can be easily stored when not in use. However, Bosch has also created the Benvenuto built-in coffee machine as a handy option that does not occupy valuable counter space. Bosch

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