Clover coffee machine – commercial grade, single cup coffee machines

The Clover coffee machine is the first commercial grade single cup coffee machine designed specifically for retail environment, but hey, if you have $11,000 USD to spend on a single cup coffee machine, commercial grade or not, then you can put one right in your kitchen, provided Clover will sell it to a consumer. This Clover coffee machine offers an open design for visible brewing and easy cleaning, and uses Vacuum-Press technology, which for the first time, combines two methods considered best for brewing coffee – the French press and the vacuum brewer. Brew time ranges from 10 seconds to 5 minutes with 40 seconds recommended. You can adjust brew time in 1 second increments. Clover coffee machine has temperature range between 180 and 210 ºF, and allows to adjust boiler temperature in 1°F increments, giving you quite precise control to create the best environment for your coffee beans. Plus, according to Clover, you save quite a bit of your coffee beans from going to waste. If you are thinking of acquiring one of these commercial grade Clover coffee machines for your cafe or coffee shop, check the Clover profit calculator.

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