Miele countertop coffee maker

This is the first Miele countertop coffee maker, the compact CM5 with techology sourced from popular Miele built-in coffee system. This should delight many lovers of perfect coffee, especially those whose countertops are either small or already quite busy. When Miele first presented the world first built-in coffee maker in 1998, the idea was to free up space on cluttered worktops. By extending its range to include the CM5 countertop coffee maker, Miele is addressing the owners of kitchens where space is at a premium. The new high- quality and easy to clean countertop coffee maker comes in black or white.

The percolator, pump and heater are identical to those used on the well-established CVA 5000 range, guaranteeing first-class taste for many years to come. As a matter of fact, Miele conducted tests demostrated that the CM5 countertop coffee maker will likely make no fewer than 50,000 cups of coffee or espresso before you would need to replace it.
Alongside a choice of espresso, coffee, double espresso and double coffee, you can program parameters to suit your individual needs, including the grind, the quantity of ground coffee per cup and the temperature. Adjustment is intuitive, requiring the use of only the rotary selector and the OK button. In addition to the beans container with a capacity of 250 grams, a portion of preground coffee can be processed to meet individual tastes. Hot milk and light milk froth are easy to prepare and join with freshly percolated espresso in creating a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato. The height-adjustable spout adapts just as easily to small espresso cups as to a 13cm latte glass.
The machine can be programmed to switch On and Off at the desired times. The two-line text display is programmable in 14 languages while the clear menu further enhances your experience. The CM 5100 countertop coffee maker differs from the CM 5000 entry-line model by its stainless-steel front, metal cup rack and the active heater to preheat cups. The electronic controls on the steam valve allow milk and milk froth quantities to be programmed both simply and precisely. Miele.

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