Starbucks Sirena espresso machine from BMW Design Works

With Starbucks coffee shops on every corner, the new Starbucks Sirena espresso machine may seem somewhat unnecessary, but we wouldn’t recommend mentioning this in the presence of a true Starbucks lover. After all, BMW Design Works created Sirena with the performance features reminiscent of BMW fine cars. Simple and timeless design to produce the perfect shot of espresso at home, every single time. And why not, after all, both Tonino Lamborghini coffee maker and Bugatti espresso machine have enjoyed quite a success. Sirena Rapid Steam Boiler gives you continuous, powerful steam and lets you move from frothing directly to brewing without waiting. Commercial quality portafilter retains heat easily, and features a patented back-pressure adaptor which adjusts automatically to the coffee grind, for a full, rich crema. And being 15 inches tall, Sirena espresso fits anywhere. One touch button, self tamping and back pressure to get that perfect shot. LED water tank empty indicator light. The price is $600. Starbucks.

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