WMF 800 coffee maker

The newest WMF coffee machine is the fully automatic WMF 800. This coffee maker projects clear design while expressing superior European quality and ease of use. In spite of its compact size, it has all essential components you expect from professional WMF coffee machines. Its distinct style, contemporary materials support design concept. WMF advanced technology is fully utilized in unique Touch Concept which gives you 7 international coffee specialties as well as hot milk and tea water. Just with one touch the WMF 800 coffee machine prepares one or two cups of espresso, café creme or cappuccino – all of which you can pour with All-In-One spout.
The high quality coffee starts with proper grinding of the best coffee beans. You need to achieve certain degree of grinding for ultimate intensity of the coffee flavour. While the beans is up to you, WMF definitely does its part, equipping this coffee maker with the precision-milled disk grinders made from a special alloy, ensuring a constant degree of grinding. Next, the WMF Professional brewing system gently enhances the coffee even further. WMF 800 coffee machine pre-brewing process consists of three vital steps,
– the coffee grounds are wetted with hot water before brewing
– the coffee powder is soaked and the coffee flavour can develop
– under 15 bar pressure the full flavour develops with brewing water at 86°C

The control elements are integrated harmoniously and flush in the casing of the reduced front design. An electronic touch control panel features plain symbols and permits intuitive and quick use of the professional technology. Cleaning the coffee maker is easy. It comes with the patented milk system cleaning, WMF Connect and Clean. Just plug the milk hose into the hot water tube, then press the illuminated maintenance key, and the milk system is flushed automatically. There are also 4 additional, fully automated cleaning modes,
– coffee system flushing program
– warm-up flushing program
– machine cleaning program
– decalcification program
The WMF coffee machine comes in black/silver or completely in black. Price is around € 1,600. WMF. Also, WMF Presto Kaffee maschine.

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