Lavazza Blue espresso machine

Famous for its coffee and espresso, Lavazza, the Italian leading coffee company, has been roasting coffees for more than 100 years at its plant in the northwest Italian city of Turin. Now Lavazza came up with the espresso machine to match its beans – Lavazza Blue espresso machine, LB 1000, designed by Pininfarina. You can enjoy Lavazza real Italian espresso, long coffee, and jumbo-size American-style coffee in comfort and style in your own house. Lavazza Blue functions exclusively with Lavazza Blue capsules. You can start brewing with with the turn of selection knob. Available in orange, dark grey, gold, azure, red, light grey and blue. Lavazza makes two other Blue models – the compact LB 800 that is ideal for small spaces, and the larger LB 2200. You can buy Lavazza Blue LB 1000 for €300 or $380.

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