Guzzini espresso coffee machine – high pressure espresso maker from Lavazza

Designed by Hiroshi Ono for Fratelli Guzzini, this Italian made espresso coffee machine seamlessly reconciles the creativity and elegance of Guzzini with technology and experience of Lavazza. With the soft lines, compact structure and bright colors – white, red, orange and ivory, the Guzzini espresso coffee machine fits into any kitchen. The quality of coffee is simply outstanding, due to Lavazza BLUE – Best Ultimate Lavazza Espresso technology, and a high pressure pressure of 20 bars. Lavazza You can also make excellent cappuccino, as the little espresso maker allows you to generate steam and control its intensity. Features include 1.3 litre removable water tank, dishwasher-safe drawers, grid and spout, stainless steel lid suitable for cup warming, and drawers for used capsules. Works only with the Lavazza BLUE capsules. Overall dimensions are W30 x H33 x D19 cm. Adjustable to accommodate coffee cups or mugs and easy to operate Guzzini espresso coffee machine is priced at € 250.

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