OTTO stove top espresso maker

A modern interpretation of a design classic, this stove top espresso maker combines classic Italian style with unprecedented functionality. The OTTO espresso maker is designed to produce two espresso shots with steam milk. An automatic cut off prevents burning of the coffee grind, and after the perfect amount of coffee is dispensed, the boiler primes itself for steaming of the milk to produce two perfect homemade lattes. The stainless steel OTTO features minimalist design, and with its bright mirror polished finish looks almost as a piece of art, while still functioning as a great coffee maker. The group cup which holds the coffee in place, when extracting the espresso, doubles as the boiler lid removal tool, allowing the hot boiler lid to be removed for refilling for the next round of coffees. The robust group cup handle and steam control knob also allow the machine to be moved easily when hot. The seals of this stove top espresso maker use DuPont Viton fluoroelastomer, which provides excellent sealing properties as well as unsurpassed durability. Safety valve prevents the buildup of steam pressure inside the boiler past a safe operating point. Large handles are robust and convenient. Coffee is easy to load and a custom coffee tamper allows the operator to tamp coffee grind at a perfect pressure to produce espresso. The OTTO stove top espresso maker – excellent ergonomics, sleek looks and top notch functionality.

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