Black built-in oven from Bosch – cooking without frontiers

The new Euro-oven from Bosch allows you to cook anything you like from paella or pizza, to lamb or vegetables, to gyros or fish & chips, to ossobuco alla milanese or escalivada. The oven comes in several different variations and in white, black or stainless steel. But I happen to like Bosch HBA38B761D black built-in oven. There are 3 distinct features that have made many European cooks eager to get one,
– 85 international cooking programs for meat, fish or vegetable dishes
– plain text display for simple and intuitive operation with 30 languages
– 13 cooking modes for perfect and accurate preparation including top and bottom heat, bottom heat, hot 3D Plus, forced-infra-BBQ, large vario grill, small vario grill with fan, defrosting, pizza stage, hydro baking, preheating, keep warm, intense heat, gentle cooking.
Bosch also set up Cooking Without Frontiers portal where consumers can get and exchange recipes as well as professional tips. Oven comes with an all-glass roasting pan and a handy folder with international recipes. And there are many optional accessories available, from the steamer insert over the two-piece BBQ plate, the metal pans, shape the pizza and the brick up to 3-fold telescopic full extension. After all to cook right, you need a proper equipment.

Other features of this black built-in oven are
– Metal retractable knob with illuminated ring
– Direct Sense
– dialogue electronics with text messages
– electronic clock
– precise control at 30°C to 300°C range
– oven light
– dual hinged grill
– telescopic extract system
– EcoClean cleaning system
– solid glass inner door
– cool touch window
– parental lock
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