Double convection oven

This efficient, large capacity double convection oven from Samsung gives 65 litres of cooking space and features two independent compartments allowing you to cook several dishes simultaneously without mixing the flavors. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the BT 65 CD BSTL is quality-built and elegant stainless steel, double convection multifunctional oven with 40°C to 300°C temperature range offering two separate heating elements and two separate fans to distribute heat evenly and quickly for perfect results each and every time. The oven comes with a self-cleaning steam program which removes grease, stains, encrustations and odors in just 25 minutes. This double convection oven can serve as 3-in-1 oven allowing you to cook in one large single space or use upper and lower levels separately. Interesting that all three cooking spaces are separately certified with an ‘A’ grade for energy efficiency.

The convection oven also comes with triple layer CoolTouch door and nonstick interior coated with a special ceramic enamel which makes surface scratch-resistant, non-porous, super hygienic and antibacterial. You can buy this double convection oven for approximately € 1,150. Samsung.
Twin convection oven
Refrigerator by Jasper Morrison

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