Fagor wall oven

The stainless steel Fagor wall oven has pyrolytic cleaning feature with interior heating up to 500°C, so the dirt turns into ashes which are easily wiped by a damp cloth. Fagor Auto-Pyro function prompts you to turn the cleaning program on when it detects that the oven needs cleaning. You can always use manual mode of course. The oven is 60cm wide fitting into standard wall opening and is multifunction, offering 9 cooking programs including Turbo Plus heat, 3d head, Eco heat, upper and lower element, grill with fan, grill, grill with rotary split and defrosting. It is rated ‘A’ for energy and has electronic controls with preset temperatures, LCD display that shows cooking modes, temperature and time and CoolTouch door. This Fagor wall oven also comes with Master Chef that has 12 auto cooking modes and culinary guide that can cook 7 common dishes by weight. Interior door with removable panes, removable tray, integrated extractor, auto door lock are other features of the Fagor 5H-880 X wall oven. Price is 1,019 €. Fagor.

Fagor multifunction built-in oven
Fagor rustic oven

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