Built-in multifunction Glem oven

The new Glem built-in ovens offer a refined design and allow you to cook better, faster and with limited energy consumption. Glem offers three, beautiful to look at, functional and high performance lines – Fashion and Trend with the high-tech stainless steel control panel, Tradition with warm design touches and nuances, and Softech with softly rounded shapes.
The FF521XL is new multifunction built-in oven from Fashion and Trend line with reversible, side opening door. This oven has an exceptionally ergonomic design and was conceived to facilitate the most convenient access to the oven cavity and the positioning in a wall cabinet unit. Made from high quality stainless steel, the oven is very efficient and ‘A’ rated for energy, due to the accurate insulation of the oven cavity and the use of special thermo reflecting glasses – both insuring low energy consumption as well as shorter cooking times.
The 60cm wide built-in oven offers 5 cooking functions – upper and bottom element, bottom element, upper and bottom element with fan, bottom element with fan and grill with fan. It also has a cooling fan that is placed tangentially between the muffle and the oven sides. Fan is automatically activated when the oven is ignited, generating an airflow that comes out of the frontal grids and creates a barrier to the heat, by cooling the door handle and the control panel at the same time. Built-in thermostat makes the fan work even after the oven has been turned-off until it is completely cool. Start/End of cooking electronic programmer, interior light for your convenience and removable door for easy cleaning make Glem built-in ovens quite appealing. Previously, new built-in appliances by Glem.


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