Grundig multifunction oven with steam function

The Grundig GEBD 47000 B is a multifunction oven with Steam Assist Cooking, that helps you to prepare more flavorful, tender and less fattening meals. In general, you can expect to lower fat content by 5% comparing to non steam cooking options, while keeping vitamins and minerals intact.

The 65-litre GEBD 47000 B Grundig multifunction oven has 14 heating methods such as Conventional, Convection, 3D Hot Air, Pizza, Fan Grill, Grill, Small Area Grill, Eco Hot Air, Bottom Heat, Keep Warm, Low Temperature Cooking, Thawing, Steam Assist Cooking and Steam Cleaning.
Operating the oven is easy via the animated, intuitive touch LCD display. It also very efficient, rated at ‘A-20%’. Other features and accessories include booster, quick heating, removable inner glass, automatic interior lights when open, Soft DoorMatic for gentle door closing, smooth interior with Easy Care gray enamel finish, baking tray, roasting grill, 3-fold telescopic extension and 5-level removable side rails. Suggested price for this multifunction Grundig GEBD 47000 B oven with steam function is € 1,400. Grundig.

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