Miele convection speed ovens from MasterChef series

Designed to cook and to cook fast, the new convection speed oven, Miele MasterChef H4080BM delivers ultimate flexibility by fusing two ovens into one. The microwave function, by itself, is ideal for defrosting, reheating and cooking a variety of food items or simply to use for popping corn. The oven, with its convection mode and browning element, offers you all the functions you need for roasting and baking. The single speed oven allows you to cook exclusively with microwave and convection baking modes or to choose optional programs that automatically combine the two, delivering the speed advantage of microwave technology, but ensuring the succulent results offered by more conventional cooking methods. Miele Navitronic touch controls offer a text driven menu of options for flexible programming and superior ease of use. This advanced drive-down menu makes using the speed ovens as simple as operating a cash machine. All you have to do is select the type of food, and, depending on the recipe, enter additional information such as the weight, quantity and finish you require. Selecting the cooking function, time and temperature is no longer necessary as this has all been done for you. Using true European pressurized convection system which heats the air in a rear chamber and then quickly circulates it throughout the oven cavity, this speed oven creates uniform temperatures on every level, reducing cooking times and preventing flavor transfer. The Favorites mode setting lets you select and store cooking programs directly into your oven memory. By naming and storing your recipe you can ensure that your most cherished recipes are only a touch of the finger away. Other features include multi-lingual LCD display, metric English conversion, Minute Plus function, multi-tier operating modes, 11 operating modes, infrared broiling, electronic temperature control, dual timers, delay start function, scratch-resistant interior surface and stainless steel interior cavity. Easy to clean and customize matching your personal taste. The 60cm or 23.62″ convection speed oven is available in black glass with black classic door handle and stainless steel with stainless steel Profi door handle. Miele. If you are looking for double speed ovens, check Turbochef Speedcook oven.

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