iSlide convection oven from Siemens avantGarde line

Siemens avantGarde iSlide convection oven, a recent winner of the Chicago Athenaeum’s prestigious Good Design Award, offers today’s most demanding chefs the ultimate in control and performance with its innovative iSlide control. Merely scroll your finger around this smooth circular groove to select or adjust the temperature, just like you would, picking a song on the latest music player. Sure the oven looks cool and sleek, but it is not just about appearances. At your fingertips are 16 different pre-programmed cooking modes for extreme versatility, precision, and delicious results. With precised roasting and baking you get juicy chicken with crispy golden skin, and the most delicious pie pastry you ever try. Proof your bread dough without guess work, thaw frozen foods, or dehydrate fruits. Produce a pizza crust that would make any professional pizza maker proud.
iSlide threeD surround convection cooking system is state of the art. Siemens avantGarde convection adds a third heating element ringing the convection fan, and also has a directional air system to make sure the air actually circulates evenly around the food, while increasing cooking efficiency and decreasing cooking time by 25%. These ovens have a special speed convection mode, as well as specific convection baking and broiling modes. Some of the other features are very fast preheating times with the oven reaching 350° F in just seven minutes, huge 4.7 cu. ft. capacity which allows you to cook large meals, three halogen lights in the oven cavity, special activeClean self-cleaning mode which cleans your avantGarde iSlide oven in as little as two hours, telescopic extension rack, minute timer and panel lock. Available in double or single configurations, the tastefully designed 30″ electric convection ovens are made of stainless steel and bring attainable luxury to the American kitchen through technological innovation, German engineering, and European styling. Suggested prices are between $3,000 and $4,200. Siemens.

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