90cm single electric oven from Accolade

The 90 cm wide Accolade built-in electric oven, S7-E900WMF is slim and wide, and is rated ‘A’ for energy. The small height makes this oven a perfect companion for any other 90 cm wide built-in appliance, Accolade’s or not. Key features are EquiFlow, an electric fanned cooking system that ensures even cooking results and a SteamCleanse function for ease of cleaning. You can cook variety of meals with one of 6 cooking functions, including conventional cooking, intensive bake, top heat only, base heat with fan, fanned grilling and slow cook. This electric oven also comes with half and full width variable grill, defrost function, LED electronic clock/programmer, rotary control knobs, triple glazed door glass, telescopic shelves and double extension telescopic shelves. Available in stainless steel and black, the Accolade multifunction electric oven is priced at £960. Previously, electric oven from Amadana.

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