Electric wall oven from Juno-Electrolux

The 31 litre compact electric wall oven by Juno-Electrolux features stainless steel/glass front, control panel with LED strip and anti-fingerprint stainless steel coating, resulting in one stylish compact oven that is tailored to the new global design trend. This Juno-Electrolux wall oven is deceptively compact, however, as you can easily bake large size pizza and cook dinner for entire family. You can even prepare roast and bake cake in parallel. 6 oven features include light, hot air, hot-air/grill, grill, low temperature cooking and thawing. Other main features are emergency shut off, child lock and Cool Touch door. You can buy the electric oven for around 630 €. Previously, Juno-Electrolux convection oven.

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