TurboChef brings new 30″ Single Wall Speedcook Oven & more custom colors

TurboChef has recently introduced its 30″ Single Wall Speedcook Oven model, a welcome addition to TurboChef Double Wall Speedcook oven. Both models are available in more than 200 custom oven door colors, so consumer can select the perfect color to fit an individual kitchen design aesthetic and personality. The speedcooking technology brings innovative performance, functionality and versatility, and prepares a four-course gourmet dinner in less than 30 minutes. The oven hearth-shaped door, signature curves and sculpted handle offer a unique, modern design balanced with the rich heritage of cooking. Available for the top oven door only, a custom color costs an extra $795. In addition to custom color collection, the upper oven door is available in premium Stainless Steel along with 6 standard fashionable colors – Orange Hearth, Thermal Red, Evening Blue, Charcoal, White and Ivory.
The TurboChef 30″ Single Wall Speedcook Oven features restaurant-proven technology adapted to fit modern kitchens where space is premium. Its technology allows the home cook to prepare meals up to 15 times faster than conventional methods with exceptional quality using Airspeed Technology – heated air circulated rapidly and evenly through the oven cavity. Through the process, foods retain more moisture than when cooked in conventional ovens resulting in enhanced quality and flavor. The TurboChef Speedcook Oven harmonizes its advanced technology with a user interface that makes cooking any favorite family recipe as easy as using an ATM. The price of TurboChef 30″ Single Wall Speedcook Oven is $6,000. The TurboChef 30″ Double Wall Speedcook Oven costs $7,900.

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