Electrolux Icon Professional Series hi-speed oven

The 1.1 cu. ft. high-speed oven, Pro E30SO75FPS from Electrolux Icon Professional Series is finished in stainless steel and comes with sturdy handle on the pull-down door for easy opening and increased placement options. This solidly built oven offers the high-speed cooking by combining convection, microwave function with forcing heated air at ultra high speeds over the surface of meats, rapidly searing moisture and flavor in, and producing a beautifully browned and delicious, delicately crisp exterior. As the result, cooking time is reduced by 50%. Electrolux equips the oven with electronic clock/timer and Wave-Touch control panel technology. A simple touch anywhere on the panel lights controls of this Icon oven and provides access to all functions. Activated functions are kept lighted for easy monitoring and programming. There are 84 cooking selections and preprogrammed recipes, and you can bake, brown, grill or roast with ease. The temperature controls may be set to 100º, 150º, and from 275º to 450ºF in 25º increments for precise temperature regulation of your favorite dishes. Cookbook, high and low racks, pizza pan and reference gas are included with the high speed Electrolux Icon oven. The price is $1,830.

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