Electrolux InfiSight oven delivers professional results

Inspired by Electrolux professional appliances, used in 50% of the world’s Michelin star kitchens, the Electrolux InfiSight pyrolitic oven helps you achieve high standards of cooking in your very own home. The Electrolux InfiSight will guide you through a rich database of recipes to find the perfect settings for your dish. The InfiSight colour screen oven intuitively navigates through the database to choose between 13 heating modes, 87 preset cooking programs and 18 functions. You can even create up to 20 settings of your own. The screen will then display your selected heating mode, the actual temperature and the remaining cooking time.

Note – InfiSight screen is out of proportion somewhat to show all functionality
Professional chefs have exceptionally high standards of cleanliness even during their busiest services. With the Electrolux InfiSight oven you too can achieve these high standards of cleaning in your own kitchen. The InfiSight features pyrolitc cleaning that requires minimum effort. At the touch of the button it will heat to nearly 500°C, turning all food residue and grease into a fine ash that can be simply wiped away. The InfiSight will alert you when it needs to run a pyrolitic cycle so that it is always ready to use at the high-standards you deserve.
The best way to tell when your food has reached the right temperature is to use a probe. The InfiSight FoodProbe checks the temperature of your food and displays it on the stunning colour screen providing you with a virtual look inside your meal.
When preparing a dish you can also preselect the cooking level of the oven so that your food is always cooked to perfection – never over or under. For example, you can select Rare, Medium or Well Done and the food temperature probe will alert you when the food is ready and will even switch off the oven. What’s more, the new Electrolux XL UltraFan has been designed to circulate air more efficiently so that food is cooked evenly wherever it is positioned within the 74 litre oven.
The multilayer glass door is finished with a reflective coating so that it is never warmer than 20°C above the room temperature. Such efficient insulation reduces heat leakage and energy consumption making this oven 20% more efficient then it’s ‘A’ rating.
The new Electrolux EOC5951AAX InfiSight Oven is priced at £1,100. Here are its key features at glance,
– pyrolitic cleaning
– XL UltraFan cooking
– 18 cooking functions
– multifunction cooking
– fan controlled defrosting
– 74 liter capacity
– child lock
– programmable timer
– temperature probe
– easy-to-clean enamel interior
– stainless steel with anti-fingerprint finish

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