Gaggenau LiftMatic oven – small kitchen convenience

Looking for an interesting alternative to the traditional oven models available on the market? Gaggenau LiftMatic oven is an innovative product that will revolutionize the way you cook. At the touch of a button, the base of this oven will lower directly to the countertop so that dishes can be easily loaded or unloaded. This design is ideal for small kitchens and will benefit large kitchens by freeing up a significant amount of space. The built-in Gaggenau LiftMatic oven can be incorporated into the upper cabinets of your kitchen or can be built directly into the wall. Besides the convenience it provides, this Gaggenau oven is also powerful and quite versatile, offering 11 different methods for heating your food, including convection cooking. Functional and elegant, the LiftMatic features a sleek stainless steel finish with a tinted glass front, as well as ample halogen lighting to illuminate the oven’s interior. This innovative concept in oven design can also be seen in the Siemens LiftMatic oven and the Bosch LiftMatic wall mounted oven.

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