Siemens telescopic pull-out drawers – great addition for built-in ovens

The customization of a tailor-made appliance combined with the off-the-shelf convenience of a standard oven, now available in the telescopic pull-out drawers from Siemens. These oven carriages and wall-mounted ovens feature telescopic pull-out drawers in various configurations, allowing for a customized cooking experience for amateur and professional chefs alike. With four different telescopic extending drawer systems, grids and baking sheets can be extended right out of the oven, allowing you to avoid nasty burns and the need to reach into a hot oven. The professional style PLUS pull-out drawers feature the ability to handle extra large cooking equipment, for extra-deep roasting pans and trays. Since the baking sheets, grid or universal pan can be pulled completely out of the appliance, you are afforded with 17 cm more room than a standard telescopic drawer for even more room and convenience. Innovative design with your safety and convenience in mind, now available with the pull-out drawer ovens from Siemens.

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