New wall ovens by Teka – from modern to traditional

The ‘A’ rated HX 45.15 is the combo multifunction turbo oven and at approximately € 845 is one of the more expensive wall ovens offered by Teka. Comes with touch control panel, digital display and sleek stainless steel fingerprint proof finish. Its upper 46 litre cavity has crystal clean enamel finish and offers 9 cooking functions, drop-down maxi grill, full glass inner door, triple glazed door, telescopic tray guide, 4 cooking levels, express preheating, door opening security disconnect, children safety block, deep tray and cooking grid. The lower stainless steel, 29 litre cavity comes with 5 cooking functions including pizza, warm stone, toast, barbecue and defrost. Other features are Maxi grill, drop-down top and bottom grill, double glazed door, telescopic door guide, pizza stone, door opening security disconnect as well as optional warm stone, tray stone and tray handle.
The compact multifunction turbo HKX 790 belongs to the medium priced range of Teka wall ovens, offering 14 cooking functions, 17 recipes, 4 cooking levels and stylish touch control panel with LCD display. Finished in fingerprint proof stainless steel, the 46 litre wall oven is ‘A’ energy rated and comes with personal cooking assistant, express preheating, slow cook, drop-down maxi grill, meat probe, triple glazed door and full glass inner door. These ovens also feature cooling fan, door opening security disconnect and children safety block. Large cavity has crystal clean enamel finish, telescopic tray guide, deep tray with handle and cooking grid. Price for these Teka wall ovens is around € 650.

Besides 9 cooking functions and 5 cooking levels, the HE 735 multifunction wall ovens from Teka bring 56 litre cooking cavity, digital display, stainless steel fingerprint proof exterior and ‘A’ energy rating right in your kitchen. This multifunction turbo oven also has drop-down maxi grill polished pop-up control knobs, crystal clean enamel cavity, double glazed door, telescopic tray guide, chromed tray guides, deep tray, baking tray and cooking grid. Price is € 430.
The traditionally styled, multifunction turbo HR 800 is one of the most affordable Teka wall ovens and is loaded with features that are normally found in more expensive wall ovens. 5-position tray guides and 9 cooking modes combined with 56 liter interior space finished in crystal clean enamel give you plenty of cooking performance and flexibility. 2-position grill, special deep trays, interior door glass, forced ventilation, stylish analog clock with timer, automatic shutdown, rustic control knobs and handle. Priced at € 370. Teka.

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