Stylish water heating wood stove Oasi from Caminetti Montegrappa

The stylish water heating wood stove, Oasi from Caminetti Montegrappa comes in two models with 10. 5 kW and 16.5 kW heat outputs, and is characterised by the full glass door with logo and screen printed edging. With its curved door glass panel, you can enjoy the view of flames from many points in your room. Such a modern water heating stove represents an excellent fusion of efficiency and aesthetics, serving as an essential furnishing element and a reliable appliance for heating water in your house. The compact stove takes little space despite having a boiler, and is suitable for smaller apartments. Its boiler is made of very thick sheet plate for durability and safety, with particular attention paid to the potential issues of thermal stress. The water flow was studied by Caminetti designers in order to simplify its path and to obtain high thermal exchanging coefficients.
Oasi has a cast iron hearth and is the first water heating wood stove with combustion lined in CMtech, the new ultra thick refractory material that provides incredible sturdiness and optimum combustion, and enhances the glow and the movement of the flame just perfectly. To optimise combustion, the wood burning water heating Oasi is equipped with a damper and preheats the secondary air before letting it into the combustion chamber.

The airtight air in-take is pre-arranged to draw air in from the outside, without any internal impact. And this water heating wood burning stove can be plumbed to hydraulic circuits, with open or closed expansion tank and is equipped with all the necessary safety features. A large ash box allows for extended usage without having to empty it too often. Caminetti Montegrappa.
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