Side opening wall oven from Belling

Belling, which has recently launched several innovative kitchen appliances, all British made, has announced a 60cm side opening wall oven, the BI60SO. This built-in oven is an ‘A’ rated 60cm single fanned electric oven with a variable electric grill and a side opening door for easy access. The wall oven comes complete with an internal light and a 3-button programmer, making it easy to time your dishes to the minute. The BI60SO side opening cavity caters effectively to wheelchair users by allowing them to get closer to the cavity when transferring dishes to and from the wall oven. Convenient telescopic shelves also allow you to access food without having to lift it out of the oven. And once a dish is prepared, removable inner door glass and easy clean enamel make the chore of cleaning the oven simpler and quicker. Other benefits of this Belling side opening wall oven include,
– stainless steel finish
– reversible hinges
– 5 shelf positions
– fully programmable clock and timer
– made in Britain

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