Silverline built-in oven & warming drawer with Touch electronic control panel

The ‘A’ energy rated EBO 480 S built-in oven and the EWS 120 S warming drawer from Silverline look stunning with their full-surface, black glass fronts, fulfilling cooking requirements of the most sophisticated chefs and offering attractive additions to any contemporary kitchen. The multifunction oven also features elegant stainless steel handle and offers several cooking modes including top & bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat, grill, full width grill, fan grill, full width grill & bottom heat, convection top & bottom heat, hot air, pizza setting, defrost and turbo boost which reaches 200°C in 7 minutes.

The multifunctional built-in oven is equipped with a intuitive Creative Touch electronic control panel so no unsightly knobs are needed. In combination with the warming drawer that operates with a temperature-adjustable hot-air system, it is of the same height as other standard built-in ovens.
Other key features and benefits of the Silverline EBO 480 S self cleaning built-in oven are 58-liter capacity, two 25 watt halogen lights, timer with minute counter, child lock, residual heat indicator, 3-paned cool door and interior heat-reflective door. Price for the black glass oven is € 1,400.
The EWS 120 S warming drawer has temperature range from 30°C to 70°C and serves as a plate warmer, food warmer or convenient defroster. Its 16.5-liter interior can accommodate all your warming needs. Price is € 800. Silverline.

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