Under worktop fridge – Liebherr UIK 1510

Thanks to its compact size, the Liebherr UIK 1550 under worktop fridge fits in like a cabinet or dishwasher under any standard kitchen countertop. The fridge drawers can be easily compartmentalized as desired and pulled all the way out. It is equipped with the excellent Liebherr ventilation system in the front, so there is no need for unsightly air slits in the counter top. The fridge just sits pretty under your worktop.

The 119-liter net capacity UIK 1550 Liebherr refrigerator features LED controls, internal digital temperature display and clear BioFresh Safe mounted on telescopic rails to ensure the perfect climate for keeping food fresher for longer. This Safe helps the under worktop fridge keep the temperature just above 0°C and at an ideal humidity level, allowing fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products to retain their healthy vitamins, flavour and appearance for up to 3 times longer than in a conventional refrigerator. The automatic SuperCool function lowers the fridge temperature down to 2°C for as long as 12 hours, ideal for rapidly cooling freshly stored food.
Thanks to Liebherr SoftSystem automatic closing mechanism, all it takes is light pressure to ensure that the door closes gently even when the door interior is fully loaded. The SoftSystem is integrated in the door to cushion movement as the door is shut. The door closes automatically from an opening angle of approximately 30° in this under worktop fridge. Price is approximately € 900. Liebherr.

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