Thermador Professional Series – new 30″ stainless steel microwave, warming drawer triple combination oven

We always liked Thermador triple combination ovens, so when the new combination oven from Professional Series came out, we definitely had to check it out. We like the oven capacity, which at 4.7 cubic feet is the largest on the market, allowing you to cook for your family and guests no matter how large is the party you expect.
The exterior looked sleek and robust in the same time, with the professional quality stainless steel knobs, handles and an analog chronometer. Elegant and easy to clean stainless steel finish underlines outstanding design and timeless beauty of this microwave, warming drawer triple combination oven.
When it comes to performance the Professional series products are tough to beat. This 30″ triple combination oven features the new True Convection baffle system which cooks your foods by precisely directing heat, and does cooking more quickly and more evenly than other convection systems. In addition this Thermador oven also comes with exclusive superfast preheat system. It preheats your oven in less than seven minutes saving you time. And the Thermador-exclusive 5,000 watt, 12-pass broil element is the most powerful on the market, allowing you to broil even the largest dishes with perfect results every time.
The best performing heavy duty rotisserie with a 12-pound capacity, cooks large roasts and poultry evenly on all sides and cleans up easily with dishwasher-safe components. The 30″ warming drawer keeps food at ready-to- serve temperature and precise moisture and humidity for ideal flavor. The spacious 2.6 cubic foot cavity features new convenient touch control panel and digital display for easy programming. The built-in microwave has 2.1 cubic foot capacity, 10 power levels and recessed 16.5 glass turntable. Get excellent cooking results with the new Thermador Professional Series 30″ stainless steel microwave, warming drawer triple combination oven. The price is $4,400. Thermador.

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