Thermador convection oven with steam cooking

Thermador Steam & Convection Oven gives culinary enthusiasts all the benefits of steam cooking combined with traditional true convection in the same appliance. Designed to make cooking more convenient, flavorful and healthier, the Thermador oven is unique appliance that combines 3 distinct cooking options – steam, true convection and a combination of the two. This oven also has 40 automatic food programs, 9 advanced cooking modes and a series of advanced features intended for the true cooking enthusiasts.
Ideal for any occasion, the Thermador convection oven comes with 1.4 cu. ft capacity, large enough for a 14-pound turkey, which takes only 90 minutes to cook in Combination mode. And it will be the best turkey you’ve ever had – a succulent, moist inside with a perfect crust outside. Steam cooking not only preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutrients typically lost through traditional cooking methods, but also eliminates the need for butter or fat, resulting in a tastier and healthier holiday meal.

Excellent addition to any Thermador range, the Steam & Convection Oven helps the most demanding home chefs realize gourmet restaurant-caliber meals in food taste, appearance, texture and crispness. Steamed food stays moist on the inside and perfectly finished on the outside, and multiple dishes can be cooked at the same time without the risk of flavor transfer or the need for temperature or time adjustment. This Thermador convection oven is pre-programmed with 9 advanced cooking modes, including True Convection, Steaming, Combination, Reheat, Proof, Slow Cook, Defrost, Keep Warm and Dish Warm.
Other key benefits include 6 favorite settings that can be programmed according to your exact preferences, Steam Clean function to help keep the oven spotless, child lock and interior halogen lighting. Available with Masterpiece or Professional handle. Thermador.

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