Espresso machine – new fully automatic Surpresso S75 from Siemens

With a stylish, high-gloss black finish reminiscent of piano lacquer, the new Siemens Surpresso S75 automatic espresso machine is designed to complement the decor in your modern kitchen. Featuring a square coffee dispenser and a shiny, reflective black surface with silver controls, the Surpresso S75 was created with current kitchen design trends in mind. But more than just a pretty espresso machine, the Surpresso S75 features Siemens new “Aroma Whirl System Plus” which has a new pre-brew function that moistens freshly ground coffee for a few seconds to let the grains swell, thus allowing for more extraction which leads to fuller tasting coffee or espresso. The machine “Milk Whirl” system has a newly designed frothing nozzle with a small hose that feeds directly into the milk container – all you need to do is turn on the steam and finer pored, more stable frothed milk flows directly into your waiting cup. An additional stainless steel drip tray with a lowered centered allows glasses up to 13 centimeters high to fit under the espresso dispenser for the perfect Macchiato drink. Machine other features include the single portion cleaning system to flush the pipes between every cup, a replaceable filter system for decalcifying the water and a brewing unit that is removable for easy cleaning. Stylish and technologically advanced, the unique and expertly designed Surpresso S75 espresso machine from Siemens. The price is €1,199 or $1,592 USD.

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