Miele Combiset modular hobs with different cooking surfaces

The Miele Combisets take away the ever puzzling cooking dilemma – what is the best cooking surface to use for what type of food, and more importantly, how you are able to afford and fit all those cooking surfaces into a limited cooktop footage. The Miele modular cooktops let you pick and choose which surfaces to cook with. Some recipes work better over gas, while for others, a deep fryer would be more appropriate. Each hob has the identical width and depth, so you can easily combine them into a single, uniform cooking surface. If space permits, you can design few cooking surfaces with these modular hobs positioned exactly to your liking. Miele Multi-Unit Planner shows how to build two, three, four or more Combisets side-by-side. The Combisets can also be installed individually if you wish so, installing the modular cooking hobs anywhere in the kitchen.
KM 404 double burner hob is available for both natural and LP gas applications and its two completely sealed burners have combining output of almost 15,000 BTUs – the 9,212 BTU high output rear burner and 5,630 BTU standard output front burner. This modular gas hob also features electric spark ignition, cast iron grate and trivet insert.
Available in natural and LP gas designs, KM 406 wok burner Combiset has single knob control, electric spark ignition, completely sealed burner with double inset configuration and cast iron grate. The output range from 650 BTU to 16,000 BTU allows to cook and simmer many different dishes.

With the high-speed ribbon burners beneath Ceran surface, KM 400 ceramic double burner cooktop is easily controlled by two infinitely variable knobs. The 5 ¾” wide standard output front burner and the 7 ¾” wide rear burner to accommodate large pans.
KM 403 electric boiler and fryer is perfect for frying potatoes, vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, fruit and sweet dishes with its precise temperature control. This modular hob can be filled with water for easier cleaning. Drain valve is conveniently provided underneath.
KM 408 contact griddle hob has large 13″ X 7 ¼” burner and is operated by single infinitely variable control knob.
KM 411 barbecue Combiset is operated by single infinitely variable control knob and features stainless steel basin frame, cast iron, underneath grate drain valve and hinged element for easy cleaning. Miele Appliances. Also Kuppersbusch VarioLine range combination cooktops.

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