New Miele refrigeration line with MasterCool control system

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The first specifically designed for North America Miele refrigeration line, the MasterCool consist of refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers. The MasterCool takes away a difficult task of choosing the proper settings to correctly preserve fruits, vegetables and other perishables, by automatically optimizing the SmartFresh storage drawers by varying the humidity levels and precise temperatures for four independent cooling zones. The easy-to-use touch button controls are conveniently located for everyone, regardless of height, and have clear food-driven descriptions, e.g. dairy, meat, fruit, etc. Miele designed several other noteworthy proprietary systems for its new refrigeration line with one simple goal – to lock in food freshness for a longer time preserving taste and texture. Dual Compressor System keeps ice and water fresh and clear, with each interior compartment having its own cooling system. There is no air exchange among the compartments, so fish stored in the refrigerator doesn’t affect the quality of the ice cubes. Miele RemoteVision uses a proprietary wireless local area network technology and application software, enabling a 24/7 connection between Miele monitoring center and the MasterCool refrigeration products, allowing a secured transmission of vital temperature and performance data. This is useful if someone accidentally left the door ajar to a refrigerator, freezer or wine cooler or a critical cooling component was to malfunction without detection. Miele client service center will be notified and contact the homeowner or another trusted individual identified on their call roster in order to gain access to the home and fix the problem immediately. By the end of 2008, this technology will be extended to many of Miele appliances including dishwashers, ovens, coffee systems, washing machines and tumble dryers. Miele exclusive ClearView lighting system illuminates every corner of interior cabinet on each level to achieve maximum exposure of all contents, using uniquely engineered halogen lamps that cascade light from the top and sides of the appliance, eliminating blind or dark areas. Even those items tucked in the rear of a fully stocked refrigerator, concealed by large catering platters or nestled in the storage drawers are in ClearView. When it comes to wine coolers, any changes in storage temperatures, even the most subtle, can dramatically affect the quality of wine. The MasterCool makes certain that temperature fluctuations will not occur. Three unique cooling zones, each with independent controls, are available to separately store or temper champagne and white or red wines at their ideal environmental condition. Regardless of the cooling zone, each bottle is gently cradled on one of 14 shelves made of high-quality acacia wood. Two of these shelves are fixed in place to separate the cooling zones. The other 12 are FullView extendable shelves that make viewing and accessing bottles very easy. Controlling the humidity level is also important for long-term storage so that corks are kept moist. If wine is kept too long in a room with low humidity, the corks can dry out and will no longer seal the bottles effectively. Miele dynamic cooling system ensures an even circulation of air and constant humidity so this problem is alleviated. Illumination of the MasterCool wine coolers serves romance as well as functionality. A unique LED system, that doesn’t affect the interior temperature of the cabinet, provides an elegant display. When the door is opened, the more dramatic ClearView halogen based lighting system is activated so one can view everything inside and select the perfect bottle for the occasion. MasterCool refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers are based on a modular design system allowing for virtually limitless combinations and locations when designing a kitchen environment. Moreover, each appliance can be hinged left or right. These stunning handcrafted appliances are available in stainless steel finish or can be fully integrated behind custom cabinetry. Initially, the modular components for the refrigerator and freezer will come in classic 18″, 30″ and 36″ width dimensions and the wine cooler in a 24″ width. Height dimensions include 48″, 54″, 60″, 66″ and 72″ depending on the product. Miele.

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