Scholtes vitroceramic radiant cooktop

Radiant cooktop is a perfect addition to any modern kitchen. If you are looking for a European designed vitroceramic radiant cooktop, Scholtes offers some inviting cooktops. Scholtes is the French company that has designed and manufactured excellent kitchen appliances since about 1923. Somehow Scholtes (the proper spelling is Scholtès) managed to stay away from the English speaking world selling its refrigerators, ranges, hobs, chimney hoods and the rest in Italy, Belgium, Israel, Netherlands and Switzerland. When we discovered Scholtes, we really liked the 30 cm radiant vitroceramic cooktop for its simplicity, convenience and implicit French elegance. Frame is stainless steel. This radiant cooktop is space efficient and easy to clean, 2 cooking zones and 12 temperature settings. Shown with down-draft vent. Overall dimensions are W297 x D520 x H45 mm or 11.69″ x 20.5″ x 1.77″. Scholtes.

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