Home cooking is easy with Siemens ceramic cooktop

Home cooking with Siemens extra-wide ceramic cooktop is a pure joy. Siemens cooking equipment is always eye pleasant, safe and practical. The cooktop has four separate cooking zones that are in side-by-side fashion, and a cook doesn’t have to stretch across the cooking surface when it is hot. 900m wide black ceramic cooktop trimmed by stainless steel has many desirable features including two-stage residual heat indicator, memory function, child lock and variable 17 stage electronic temperature display. Siemens really brings back the joy of home cooking. Dimensions are H48 x W897 x D345 mm. That is under 2.0″ x 35.375″ x 13.625″. Expect to pay close to £700 which translates into $1,225 for this smart piece of Siemens cooking equipment. See also Siemens Liftmatic Oven and recent Siemens accessory – the Dressman.

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