Bosch electric cooktops with AutoChef

The new Bosch electric cooktops mean a lot of exciting things. Such as the end of imperfect pancakes, runny eggs, fried foods that are burnt on the outside and raw in the center, and skillets that are charred beyond repair. These problems stem from the guesswork it takes to heat a pan to the right temperature and keep it at that temperature during cooking. The solution is a patented, exclusive, industry first and implemented on Bosch 800 Series induction and electric cooktops – AutoChef sensor cooking. This innovative sensor works with a premium aluminum core pan that comes with your cooktop. It measures the temperature from the bottom of the pan and applies only the perfect amount of energy to the electric element helping your cooktop to deliver precise cooking results, every time, and without waste of energy. The cooktop heats to the desired temperature and makes an audible sound when its time to place the food in the pan, basically taking the guesswork out of cooking and allowing you to create restaurant quality food. Bosch electric cooktops feature a 12 inch element with 3,050 watts of power and SteelTouch controls that replace knobs with a clean, modern stainless steel strip that lies flush with the cooktop stainless steel frame. SteelTouch utilizes innovative touch technology to allow you to control cooktop settings with a soft touch.

Key elements of Bosch AutoChef cooktops include:
– PreciseSelect to directly select the desired temperature with a single touch, as opposed to the continual button presses it takes to reach peak temperatures on competitive models
– preprogrammed meal options to allow one-touch cooking for the most common pan-cooked meals, like cutlets/chops, poultry, steak medium rare, steak well done, fish, frozen food, French fries, pancakes and omelets/eggs
– PowerStart to quickly achieve the desired temperature setting
– KeepWarm to adjust the electric element to maintain a low simmering mode
– separate CountDown timers for each element so you can automatically shut off power at different times
– CleanLock to shut down all controls and heating elements in the event of a spill, making clean-up easier and safer
– 2-Level heat indicator to warn if your electric cooktop is warm or hot
– Child Lock Protection to prevent accidental activation
These 800 Series Bosch electric cooktops with AutoChef are available from Sears in 30- and 36-inch wide models for around $1,200 and 1,400 respectively. Bosch.
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